« Kupa na Amatyorskata futbolna liga 2018/19

First and Second phase

  - All teams from Treta liga are obliged to participate, and any OG teams willing to do so can also enter the competition.
  - In the First Phase within each oblasten savet (of 28) teams play against each other until a single team remains. This is followed by eliminations between those winners within each of the four zonalni saveta in the Second Phase, until one winner is determined for each zonalen savet.
  - Winners are decided over one leg, with penalties if score is level after regular time.
  - Lower level teams are hosts, otherwise hosting is determined by draw.

ZS representatives

Northeastern Bulgaria: 
Northwestern Bulgaria: 
Southwestern Bulgaria: 
Southeastern Bulgaria: 

Note: If not shown otherwise, in all First and Second Phase matches the team, listed first in each pair, is host.

Northeastern Bulgaria (ZS Varna)

First Phase

Oblast Ruse

                           First round

12 August 2018, Sunday, 10:30 EEST:
Mladost (Ekzarh Yosif) - Lokomotiv (Ruse)                 0:0; penalties: 5:4 
Benkovski (Byala, obl.Ruse)                               bye


15 August 2018, Wednesday, 18:30 EEST:
Mladost (Ekzarh Yosif) - Benkovski (Byala, obl.Ruse)      0:1 (0:1) 


Third phase