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Preliminary Phase

  - All teams from the four Treta liga groups and the 28 OG may enter the Preliminary Phase.
  - Within each oblasten savet (of 28) teams play against each other until a single team remains. This is followed by eliminations between those winners within each of the four zonalni saveta, until four teams from each are determined, a total of 16.
  - Winners are determined over one leg with penalties if score is level after regular time.
  - The lower level team within each pair is host. If both teams from a pair are from the same level, hosting is determined by draw.
  - The three winners of the Preliminary Phase must be determined no later than 23 August 2019, Friday, 17:00 EEST.

ZS representatives

Northeastern Bulgaria: 
Northwestern Bulgaria: 
Southwestern Bulgaria: 
Southeastern Bulgaria: 

Note: If not shown otherwise, in all Preliminary Phase matches the team, listed first in each pair, is host.

Northeastern Bulgaria (ZS Varna)

Mezhduoblastni qualifications

Northeastern Bulgaria


25 July 2021, Sunday, 18:00 EEST:
Atletik (Provadia) - Chernolomets 1919 (Popovo)            - 
Chernomorets (Balchik)                                    bye
Septemvri 98 (Tervel)                                     bye
Dunav ot Ruse (Ruse)                                      bye


Final Phase

Preliminary round


First Round (Round of 32)


Second round (Round of 16)


Third Round (Quarter-finals)


Fourth Round (Semi-finals)


Fifth Round (Final)