Vtora profesionalna liga 2022/23 - Round 21 - Statistics

Abbreviations and event notes:
 yc - yellow card
 rc - red card
sub - substitution
'1/'2/'3 - the substitution is part of the first/second/third allowed break for substitutions for the respective team
same position - the substitution does not lead to any tactical changes
lws - left without a substitute (usually due to injury after all allowed substitutions are used by the team)
tct - a change to a team's tactical formation
cap - new captain
 mp - missed penalty
ref - new referee (usually following an injury)
 ar - new assistant referee (usually following an injury)
var - beginning and end of a VAR review and the decisions it yielded
cnc - cancelled event (usually following a var review)
 ht - the event takes place during the half-time break
 br - the event takes place during the break between extra time periods
pen - the event takes place during the penalty shoot-out
 ft - the event takes place after full time
stp - the match is stopped
res - the match is resumed
abd - the match is abandoned
+ X min. - there have been X minutes of added time played for that half

about penalty kick direction notes - the point of view of the penalty taker is always considered, with the goal being divided into 6 areas,
in which the ball can be directed to - upper left, upper middle, upper right, lower left, lower middle and lower right; 
while the penalty kick might be either placed (i.e. weaker shot) or taken with force.