European competitions 1958/59

European Champions' Cup

Preliminary round
Draw: 2 July 1958, Wednesday, in Cannes, France First Leg CDNA (Sofia) bye Second Leg CDNA (Sofia) bye
First round (1/8 финали)
First Leg 5 November 1958, Wednesday: in Madrid, "Santiago Bernabéu" st.: Atlético (Madrid, Spain, 1) - CDNA (Sofia) 2:1 (0:0) Second Leg 26 November 1958, Wednesday: in Sofia, "Vasil Levski" national stadium: CDNA (Sofia) - Atlético (Madrid, Spain, 1) 1:0 (0:0); aggregate score: 2:2 * * - the rules of the competition are that in case of a draw in the aggregate score over the two legs away goals are not considered and no extra time or penalties are held. Instead a third match at a neutral venue is played.
18 December 1958, Thursday: in Genève, Switzerland, "Charmilles" st.: Atlético (Madrid, Spain, 1) - CDNA (Sofia) 3:1 (1:1, 1:1) aet top